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All you need to know about Cleansing

Probably one of the most fundamental steps of your skincare routine. Without clean skin it's pretty much impossible to reach your skincare goals.We are exposed to so much through-out the day and thats why it's so important to go to bed with fresh, clean skin. Pollution, sun, smoke, grease, bacteria... you name it you've probably been in contact with it.

'So what it Cleansing?'

Cleansers have evolved significantly from just serving as cleaning agents for removal of sebum, dirt and dead cells. Having clean skin means your products to follow are able to absorb more readily into the skin and of course work. Those that tend to often skip this step and grab a wipe instead tend to have dull looking skin with congestion, blackheads and so on... need I say more.

Now finding the right cleanser can be tricky at times. 'Which one do I go for (gel, cream or milk), Does it work for my skin type, will it target some concerns & will it fit my budget?.' These are questions you'll find you've asked yourself. So below I have broken down the types of cleansers, some of my favourites under each category & of course which one will benefit each skin type. #youarewelcome

What is Double Cleansing?

Before we move on to the cleanser types, I thought I'd just clarify 'what is double cleansing'. It literally means to cleanse the the face twice. First with a balm, oil, creamy-gel, makeup removers and so on. Ideally this is then washed off with a flannel or mitt. In general it is believed by doing two quick gentle cleanses its better than one long one. If you rub longer and harder to get everything removed (Makeup & SPF) you potentially aggravating your skin and just moving it around the face.

Here are some of my favourite Pre-clease products:

Lulu & Marula Cleansing Balm R340

Dermalogica PreCleanse Oil R695

Dermalogica PreCleanse Balm R725

The Inkey List Oat Cleansing Balm R590 (Takealot)

Lets Start with the most popular cleanser I think most tend to grab...

Gel Cleansers

Think light to thick gel consistency. A little usually goes a long way. They are typically designed for deep cleansing. They work well to remove excess oil and assist with acne-causing bacteria. Dependent on the cleanser it may even offer antiseptic or exfoliating properties. They are best indicated for combination, oily, acne-prone skin. Gel cleansers can often get a bad rep for being stripping, that is why it is rather important to ensure that its at the correct p.H and maybe not too many SLS's. If it leaves you feeling clean and not tight or dry you have a winner.

Some of my fav's:

Huxley Cleansing Gel R530

Lamelle Nourish Daily Cleanse R270

Dermalogica Special Cleansing Gel R950

Esse Clearing Gel R330

REN Cleansing Gel EverCalm range R440

Foam Cleansers

These cleansers tend to have a pump action that airdates the product to create an already made foamy lather. They work create to remove excess oil, makeup, sunscreen tc. They can be formulated with oils or emollients to provide a little bit more moisturisation. Ideally for skin types normal, combination - oily.

My current fav:

Rites Skin Solution Foam Fighter R180

(Contains tea tree & salicylic acid which are anti-inflammatory and great anti-bacterial ingredients. Great for teen acne or breakout prone skin.)

Milk Cleansers

A personal favourite. They have a much more gentle approach to cleansing and could do your skin a whole lot of good. It is a light, gentle natural emulsion of fats and water. It doesn't strip the skin of its natural oils therefore leaving it balanced, hydrated and calm. They are still effect in removing dirt & makeup but I'd recommend a double cleanse in the evenings. Perfect for combination, normal & sensitive skins.


Esse Probiotic Skincare Sensitive milk Cleanser (Uhm, no surprise here!- you can see my review here) R490

Lamelle Cleansing Gel (another absolute favourite! It is a gel-milk consistency and has no foam)

Dermalogica Ultra Calming Cleanser R650

REN Gentle Cleansing Milk R440

Avene Essential Care Milk Cleanser R260

Cream Cleanser

They are usually thick, creamy & contain moisturising rich ingriednts. they gently cleanse without stripping any natural oils and leave the skin hydrated & smoothed. They are Ideal for dry & sensitive skins as well as more mature skin types.


Dermalogica Intensive Moisture cleanser R525

La Roche Posay Toleriane Dermo Cleanser R235

La Roche-Posay Effaclar H Cleansing Cream (Dry acne-prone) R245

Clay Cleanser

They are designed to remove dirty and impurities while keeping the skin balanced. They can often act as a 2 in 1 (cleanser & mask). Clay minerals can gently and effectively lift and remove impurities without depleting the skin of essential nutrients. Ideal for breakout prone, oily, congested skins.


Dermalogica Active Clay Cleanser R579

Hope this helps & that you learnt something or going to give one of these products a try. Don't forget to take & share your purchases with me @amandafromafrica

Products Available on SkinSmart or other retail outlets.

Much Love,

Amanda xoxo

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