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Reaching new heights

Taking BIG STEPS, being brave, creative and having a whole lot of fun!

Welcome to my first blog post and new space to engage with all of you who love to indulge in beauty and wellness just as much as I do. I thought it would be most

appropriate to write about this big step and new adventure for Amanda from Africa. I've always had the idea that hopefully one day I could use this platform to be able to work wherever and whenever. With things changing so quickly everyday I thought better now than never.

“When an opportunity presents itself, don’t be afraid to go after it.”

I thought this quote was quite fitting as I literally got this up and running within a week as I was far too determined and couldn't wait any longer. #impatient or #girlboss who knows...

I was sitting on my flight back home, laptop out, notes open and I began to write all my ideas down. The main idea at the end of the day is to help inform you whether you not too sure what your skincare regimen should contain or maybe you'd just like a little one on one personal help.

As a second year Stomatologist and self-taught Makeup Artist, I thought it was time to reach and achieve bigger goals on my list. I love what I'm studying and I love all the amazing possibilities these job careers hold but most of all I just love sharing my passion. With so many more goals to go, I'm over the moon with this first step! #reachingnewheights

So hop on board this dreamy product bandwagon and I hope we can share, learn, create and have fun together. I can't wait to bring you latest trends, fun home-care recipes, tips and tricks and most of all feel confident in your skin (through a strict regimen and good products!) #da #ofcource Happier & healthier skin starts here!

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