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Why are Facials a Must for the Modern Woman

Are facials worth it- Should I get one? Let me break it down for you...

After much reading, I've come to a consensus of 50/50. Meaning about 50% of bloggers say no to regular facials and the other 50% say HELL YES! So which team am I on? I'm gonna go with the HELL YES SISTA! #sayyestothefacial

“Invest in your skin. It's going to represent you for a long time.”

Why are facials a must for modern women? As a Somatologist studying products and the skin in depth, I can't help notice how uneducated I was before I started studying. That only means one thing to me... you don't know either!

Going in for a facial is not only about the relaxation, benefits there and then and results you hoping to see, it should also be about skin education. So here are my reasons for why you should book your next appointment and make it a facial...

1.) Your therapist knows best- Place trust in your therapist's hands as she knows what your skin needs, wants and will want in the future. Sometimes your concern needs to be met from a different direction.

2.) Let them guide you- I definitely agree that there is no point in coming for a facial once a month yet you using incorrect products everyday at home. I can't express to you the importance of using professional products on your skin and sadly not the ones you can get on most Clicks or Dischem shelves.

3.) Sometimes after a facial you'll realise there's something not quite complete in your skincare routine or you doing something wrong. This is always a great way to shift things around and try new products recommended by your therapist.

4.) All the little add ons- Mask, serums, oils & butters are oh so delicious in a facial and we sometimes forget to do them at home. Why? I have no clue, I do it too. Maybe it's because it seems excessive for the week but to be honest why not if it's going to get us to our skin goals quicker?

5.) Lastly, you get educated on more advanced treatments that you and your skin can aim for. Sometimes our skin needs to be at a certain 'tolerance level' if I can say that. Meaning, our skincare products need to be active, advanced & professional allowing our skin to be the healthiest it can be before going onto things like chemical peels, microdermabrasion, micro-needling etc. I'm not saying you can't not do these, just personally your skin will recover and show better results.

I hope this encourages you to visit your therapist more regularly & aim for a beautiful healthy skin in and out of the salon, clinic or spa. #healthyskin #facialtime

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